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Another unique specimen fresh from my workbench:
This Nemesis is available for sale ($3,900.00 including exclusive hardcase and certificate)
The top of this unique specimen is made of 0.2" genuine Amethyst (origin Brazil) - no airbrush, no plastic, no wood, no foto-finish, no coating,
no fake - REAL GEMSTONE!
The guitar weights only 8 lb what means that it is not heavier than most solid body guitars.
Ratio Locking tuners made by Graph Tech Guitar Labs.
The pickups are a set of Lace Pickups Alumitones.
This is a very versatile and great sounding guitar. I have cut out the cap for the Volume poti in a way that has a "V" resulting from the natural crystal grain of the Amethyst. Unfortunately I did not find one that has a "T" for the Tone poti.


Fresh from the workbench:
Gorgonized Chronos Amethyst #002 with genuine 0.2” Amethyst Gemstone top.
One of the first Chronos with Bigsby B5 (USA) Tremolo and Kammerstein Z2 Humbuckers.
Visually a dream that also can impress by sound
This masterbuilt unique specimen now is available for $ 4.200.00
See the pictures:



Our “Gorgonized” Guitars.
when precious stone and selected tone wood combine to a dreamlike symphony


best of both worlds

in stock
Those beauties are in stock and available